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St. Ives , Cambridgeshire

Nutrition in Context: Qualified Nutritional Therapy services in Cambridgeshire. Effective, friendly and professional, providing help and support whatever your health concern.

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Nutrition in Context is run by fully qualified Nutritional Therapist Rudina Abbas (Dip. ONT, MBANT), offering personalised Nutritional Therapy services to everyone who wants to discover how nutrition can help to stay in good health and how nutrition can help with existing medical conditions.

Consultations are currently available in Somersham and St. Ives.

Nutritional therapy combines nutrition and health science to promote good health, peak performance and the prevention and treatment of ill-health.

Nutritional therapy aims to determine the underlying causes of your health concern rather than simply treating the symptoms. In doing so, it can help alleviate a wide range of conditions and assist in the recovery from many ill-health situations.

Your nutritional therapy consultation is tailored to take into account your individuality and helps you to make practical, achievable and enjoyable nutritional choices which fit in with your every day life.

A thorough assessment of your health history, your lifestyle and, most importantly, your diet helps to analyse how efficiently your body digests, absorbs and utilises the nutrients consumed.

Your needs will be the focal point throughout the consultation!

Key benefits of your Nutrition in Context consultation include:

-- Increased energy
-- Better coping with stress
-- Improved digestion
-- Balanced mood
-- Successful weight management
-- Improved memory function
-- Support with degenerative diseases
-- Reduced hormonal problems
-- Clearer skin
-- Fewer colds and infections

Rudina offers in-depth nutritional knowledge, expertise and experience, an undogmatic and realistic approach as well as a friendly and professional environment.

Common sense, simplicity and enjoyment need to be brought back into nutrition!