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Colon Cleansing

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The Benefits of Colon Cleansing

Today, more and more people are undertaking a regular colon cleansing regime. But for those of us who are uninitiated in the benefits of a thorough cleanse, and who make be understandably hesitant to embark on such a regime (or even to discuss the subject), an understanding of how the colon works - and its importance to the overall health of your body – can be helpful and instructive.

The Purpose of the Colon:

The colon, which is located within the large intestine, plays an important role in the body’s digestive system.

The digestion of food commences in the mouth, where chewing and saliva break down the food into pieces which are small enough in size to pass down the oesophagus and reach our stomach.

Within our stomach, gastric enzymes liquefy the food, which then passes into the small intestine. There, various enzymes created by the pancreas and liver combine with our food, extract the important nutrients and send them into our bloodstream, which carries the nutrients to all parts of our body.

What is left of the liquefied food passes into our colon.

The colon, usually some 6 or so feet in length, is a complex system which absorbs the water out of the remaining liquefied food. Finally, it disintegrates what remains (the waste and various bacteria) and sends them though to the rectum, where they can be eliminated from the body.

The Makings of an Unhealthy Colon:

As has been seen, the colon plays a very important role in our bodies – the elimination of potentially harmful bacteria and other wastage. So what can go wrong? How does the colon become ‘sick’ or unhealthy?

Over time, a portion of the waste and bacteria begin to stick to and accumulate along the walls of the colon. It becomes encrusted and, in doing so, it can block the openings in the colon wall and slow the elimination of waste from the body. Eventually this encrustation may cause a gradual ‘putrification’ and toxification of your body.

Many side effects can result: cardiovascular problems, flu’s, parasites, allergies, cancers, bloating and general abdominal pain are some examples. Another bad consequence of the blockage of the colon’s walls is that bulky foods (e.g. bran’s, vegetable matter) are too large in size to travel though the diminished holes intended to pass waste through to the rectum for elimination. As a result they build up along the walls and can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Some of the symptoms indicative of problems with the functioning of the colon are haemorrhoids, muscle pain, fatigue, stiff joints, bloating, bad breath, a sense of lethargy, loss of appetite and headaches.

How a Colon Cleanse Can Help:

The purpose of colon cleansing is to eliminate from the colon the many toxins, bacteria and wastage that have become encrusted along the walls of the colon, so that optimal functioning of the colon can resume.

The reported benefits of the colon cleansing process are:

  • Most importantly, an improvement in the body’s overall health, as these toxins and waste materials are no longer festering within the body, and valuable nutrients can be more easily absorbed into the body.
  • A significant number of people report that they lose weight. This is due both to the large amount of accumulated faecal matter that is eliminated during the process itself, and the resultant ease with which the body can thereafter absorb nutrients (which reduces hunger pangs).
  • A healthier skin.
  • A significant reduction in constipation.
  • Higher energy levels and less lethargy.
  • An increase in one’s concentration and memory levels.
  • A notable reduction in subsequent headaches, haemorrhoids, diarrhoea, bad breath, allergies, stress, colds, problems in the digestive system, as well as joint & muscle pains.

So the benefits of a regular colon cleanse are abundant. Try it once, and see if you enjoy improvements in your health. Then, if you do, you can consider a colon cleansing on a seasonal basis (4 times a year).

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