Peak Performance

This section is all about being the best you can be in terms of health and fitness.

Here you will discover breakthrough information from around the world to improve your energy and vitality.

Peak Performance

Contraction Training - View books on how to define, sculpt and shape your body.

Detoxification - Introducing you to information, books and articles to help you find out the facts about detoxification.

Holistic Testing Centres - Are you eating food that you are intolerant to? Could it be the cause of your bloating, loss of energy and aches and pains? Find out more.

Juicing & Smoothies - Source your juicers and smoothie makers and not forgetting those delicious recipes to make with them!

Microwave Cooking - Know the Dangers - Find out what microwave cooking could be doing to your food and body.

Nordic Walking - Have you heard about Nordic Walking? Do you want to improve balance and stability? Or perhaps you would like to burn more calories than you would from plain walking or running? Why not take a look into this popular form of exercise.

Pilates - The stretching exercises in pilates improve your flexibility greatly. Find out more about this exercise.

Rebounding - Have you heard about Rebounding? Build strength, cardiovascular capacity and balance.

Quit Smoking - Find out why you have not been able to quit smoking.

Super Foods - Believed by nutritionists to prevent disease, promote longevity and good health!

The Raw Food Diet - Find out more about the diet that can bring you boundless energy and amazing health.

Weight Loss - Find out the latest information and books on weight loss and obesity.

Yoga – Yoga offers the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. You will find here information, articles, books and links on this ever increasing popular exercise.

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