Yeast Infections / Candida

“If you are not ready to alter your way of life, you cannot begin to heal.” – Hippocrates (460-377 B.C). You will find here information, articles and books addressing the positive holistic approach to Yeast Infections / Candida.

Yeast Infections / Candida

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Candida is a fungus commonly referred to as yeast. Yeast is a substance that is present on normal skin, and thrives in moist areas, such as the mouth and vagina. Nearly 75% of women report having vaginitis at some point during their lives, an infection that is primarily caused by yeast, although it can be caused by other bacteria as well.

Yeast infections are most commonly thought of as vaginal infections, although yeast can infect many areas of the body. Yeast infections can occur in the mouth, known as thrush, in the groin, in the folds of the skin, and can be a cause of diaper rash in infants. Yeast infections can occur as a result of excessive moisture on the skin, such as excessive sweating, that allow yeast to grow in more than normal amounts.

Systemic yeast infections, although rare, can also occur. In this case, the condition is often life-threatening. Recurrences can be an indication of a more serious condition, such as leukemia or AIDS, and such conditions that weaken the immune system can contribute to the growth of yeast and result in infection.

Yeast infections are uncomfortable, causing itching, burning, and inflammation of the infected area. Yeast infections on the skin cause a rash. Thrush usually appears as white lace-like patches on the inside of the mouth and on the tongue, and can cause the patient to refuse food or liquids, eventually leading to dehydration.

Most common yeast infections are nothing more than an annoyance that can be easily remedied, although it’s wise to take care that you don’t allow an infection to grow and become something far more serious. For those that are plagued by severe and recurrent yeast infections, it can be a frequent discomfort and frustration.

To try to avoid future infections, make an effort to keep the previously infected area clean and dry. Some yeast infections can be attributed to frequent exercise while wearing tight spandex clothing, for example, and switching to cotton clothing, which is a more breathable fabric, or showering immediately afterwards and allowing the body to dry completely can help decrease the frequency of infections.

Natural methods exist that claim to work wonders to eliminate these infections or significantly reduce the number of occurrences. Make a commitment now to undertake a holistic approach to dealing with this frequent and uncomfortable problem!

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