Hemorrhoids / Piles

“If you are not ready to alter your way of life, you cannot begin to heal.” – Hippocrates (460-377 B.C). You will find here information, articles and books addressing the positive holistic approach to Hemorrhoids / Piles.

Hemorrhoids / Piles

Eliminate Painful Piles Naturally

Piles are also commonly referred to as hemorrhoids. Piles are swollen, inflamed veins in the anal canal and rectum, and can reach the size of grapes. Piles range in severity, from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful. Piles most frequently appear on the inside of the anal canal, although external piles can also appear below the anal cushion, which are often more painful.

Common signs and symptoms that appear when you are suffering from piles include a lump on the anus, bright red blood in your stool or from your anus, and pain and discomfort during bowel movements. The specific cause of hemorrhoids is unknown, although factors have been identified that are known to increase the risk of developing piles.

If you are constipated or find yourself straining during a bowel movement, you could be at risk of developing hemorrhoids. Eating a low fiber diet can contribute to both of those conditions, and therefore can contribute to the incidence of piles. Chronic diarrhea or diarrhea that has been persistent for a period of time can be a factor, as well as pregnancy. During pregnancy, the baby places extra weight in your abdomen, which can lead to hemorrhoids. Likewise, obesity and sitting for long periods of time can lead to hemorrhoids.

If you are suffering from piles, and also experience constipation or find yourself straining during bowel movements, you should try increasing the amount of fiber in your diet and drinking plenty of fluids. Increased strain in the area due to constipation or straining will only exacerbate the irritation in this already sensitive area. A high fiber diet and plenty of liquids will soften your stool and enable it to pass more easily.

Hemorrhoids are not dangerous or life threatening, but they can be extremely painful. Blood in the stool can cause fright at first glance, although in most cases, it is caused by piles. Piles typically go away on their own within a few days. Since the conditions commonly linked to piles tend to be long term or recurring problems for most people, piles can tend to be a recurring problem as well.

Natural methods exist that claim to help reduce the painful symptoms associated with piles and even eliminate hemorrhoids altogether. Make a commitment today to undertake a holistic approach to dealing with this painful condition!

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