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“If you are not ready to alter your way of life, you cannot begin to heal.” – Hippocrates (460-377 B.C). You will find here information, articles and books addressing the positive holistic approach to many common health conditions.

Health Conditions

One of the prevailing myths regarding the holistic approach to health is that it consists entirely of alternative and complementary therapies. As the nature of holism dictates, the truth is much more than this.

Whilst viable and non-invasive alternatives to pharmaceutical or surgical options are certainly part of the holistic approach; equally important are the choices we make regarding our daily lives in every sense - from nutritional through to social.

The simple fact is, we were not designed to live the way we do: forever on the run to the next meeting; living on coffee and whatever the cafeteria has to offer; frequently over-stressed; our bodies bombarded by pollutants in the environment and in much of the food we consume.

It is not surprising that a great many of us feel a lack of vitality a lot of the time; or that more and more people are falling ill to conditions directly related to lifestyle.

Neither, then, is it surprising that a growing number of people are making the pro-active decision to reduce their suffering and improve their health and lifespan by taking informed responsibility for themselves and how they live their lives.

Practitioners and supporters of the holistic approach to health share several fundamental precepts. Firstly, that we all possess an inner resource of strength and balance unique to us, and that recognising and including this aspect of ourselves is crucial. It is important to realise that holistic medicine is not intrinsically linked to religion per se; rather that it acknowledges the spiritual element of the human being and our needs, and appreciates the role our spiritual dimension has to play.

Secondly, that by attending to all aspects of the individual - mind, body and spirit - rather than addressing symptoms singularly and exclusively, we open ourselves to a richer, more harmonious state of being, and are able to more completely enjoy the experience of life.

To live a disease preventing lifestyle one needs to nourish the body with organic, alkaline goodness; the mind with positive thoughts and experiences; and the spirit with good company and inner peace. Taking care of oneself properly in this manner can seem a difficult commitment at first, particularly if you don't know how energising and encouraging it is to feel truly well. It can be hard to see that it is more fulfilling than the quick fix from our favourite junk food.

Not least in this way the educational side of the holistic approach is vital to an individual's success, particularly if the individual is in poor health.

The more knowledge we accumulate about ourselves, our diet, and our options, the more likely we are to see why we have been feeling so ill, and to choose an approach which suits and will give maximum improvement in our lives.

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